Praiseworthy, individual feedback management

(ex Fosubo)

Praiseworthy was an Individual Feedback Manager. We reinforced positive feedback from customers to employees received throw surveys sent by SMS. Employees were able to read their positive feedback and gave praises (as likes) to their coworkers, that were shown in the feed of the platform. Negative feedback was only available to managers, so they could take action and give employees tools for getting better at work. The store's NPS was measured by this tool and every salesperson had their NPS score. We also trained managers about giving positive reinforcement to employees.

How did we learn from users?

From Stakeholders: The CEO, CTO, some business owners, and employees were my stakeholders. I started learning about the product and the uses of it by interviewing them.

Mostly, companies like Verizon were our customers. At first, managers and general managers were engaged with the platform because they cared about NPS, but employees were not. They were always forgetting the password, just getting their feedback by email reports.

Also, the metrics we got using Mixpanel said that fewer people were attending negative feedback, but by talking with employees, we discovered that it was too difficult to attend these "alerts" in the platform, but in fact, they were using the information in it and solving issues at the store.

We decided to redesign the website platform. We switched the old dashboard view into a social feedback platform, pretty much like Facebook's Workplace look and feel, but we released it before :p

Being the only designer in the startup

I did some marketing material for social networks and some others for sending to our customers. I built a customer's best feedback book, as a gift for business owners.

Old Alert view
New platform and survey
Survey report

"We understood the importance of receiving positive reinforcement at work. Creating a positive culture made employees happier"

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