Stories, the app for social storytellers

I started Stories when I realized that we need telling stories. We usually use social networks for this, and we have some of them for writing, but I was missing the space for telling short stories more like in a literature way. I wanted to bring back the possibility of writing and reading stories everywhere.

How did we learn from users?

Since we wanted to learn how people write creative stories, we connected with them by using Twitter. We talked with active Twitter users and invited them to join the beta tester community of the app. We surveyed them to get insights about the time of writing, the time of reading, how it was easier for them to write a tale in a smartphone, and how they get inspired. To go deeper, we contacted some of them we knew they were creative writers and we interviewed them about their best practices, like how is being a writer, what writers care about their readers, the writer's ego.

How did we kickstarted?

We launched the app in iOS focused in Chile, we participated in every startup event. We invited people from Twitter we knew they write a lot. We did a few press releases in different mediums. We wanted to encourage everyone to tell stories in this short format and view life through the lens of a writer.

A cool hack?

Once we (me and my co-founder Matias) were in SF, we opened a Tinder account for Stories inviting people to join the app, and we got tons of matches, so Tinder closed our account, but still, it was a great idea to show the app.

First Stories' mockup
Stories' Tinder pic

"Defining product metrics is important to understand the way people want to use it"

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