I'm creative, and I solve problems based on needs and disruption.

Working from home, in Chile.

Pame Aranguiz

I'm a #person who lives in this world. I support #LGBTQ+ and, I'm probably #nonbinary, but I prefer to don't add more tags.

I'm from Chile and, I'm very proud of the women in my country. I daily fight against "machismo" and "micromachismos". I add value by encouraging people to think different and inviting men to change their minds about their daily actions about to women. Recently, I read about the disrupting design method and it keeps me thinking about creating sustainable solutions.

Once, I created an app for telling short stories as tales called "Stories, the app for social storytellers", and with the team, we got funding from Chilean Gov (Corfo), and we ran a Startup. It "failed", but for us, It meant a hella experience.

That's how I got to live in San Francisco for two years in 2016. I learned a lot about the culture working as a UX Designer in a startup in the city. Now I live in Santiago and I work for Walmart Chile.

I'm always looking for new knowledge, adventures, challenges, and languages to learn.

In my free time, I work out and make some music.