I'm a Problem Solver looking for challenges

and opportunities to learn more about UX/UI and Visual Design


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What I've been doing

I studied Advertising at UNIACC in Santiago, Chile. I focused my career in design and creativity. I worked at BBDO Santiago and Dittborn and Unzueta (part of Mcann Ericson group) as a digital art director. I decided to quit and start working as a freelancer in January 2014 to create my own startup: Stories, the app for social Storytellers (www.writeappstories.com). We got funding from CORFO (Chilean goverment) and I came to San Francisco with my co-founder with IncubaUC incubator on February 2014. We were part of a 1 month mentoring program. Without hesitation or a job (or reasoning, my parents would say), I booked a ticket to SF. Once here, I met with the CEO of a company who asked me when I was going back. Obviously, I replied: I am not. That’s how I got a job at Praiseworthy.co .

I love change and challenges and I´m always looking forward to creating new things or redesign them. My hobby is solving problems in my life and people´s lives, my friends tell me that I need to stop. I currently colaborate with Design for Change (Chile), Hashtag700 and I´m always looking for “what´s next”

Quick facts: I wake up early to see the daylight, I make music (or try to), I check my Instagram feed all the time, love travelling, I need to stand up to think new ideas.


Stories, the app for Social Storytellers

Stories is an app and social network to share short stories. Each story fit in one screen of smartphone. This format allows you to read each story in one minute, wich is perfect for reading in the Muni, Bart, Caltrain, while you are waiting for someone or when you want to feed your creativity.


Individual Feedback Management

ePet: Don't lose your best friend! (GPS for dogs)

It's also a rechargeable device attached to your pet's collar.

Noomad: the airbnb for trekking

If you like adventure, hiking, backpacking and trekking, this is for you. You will be able to find your favorite spots and learn more about what kind of activities you can do around.

Try Science

This app collect all experiments shared by teachers around the world in "Teacher try science" community to make an easy access for them to use it at school classes. It was designed for an IBM APP Challenge.

BCI bank

We designed a game to help people learn more about financials.


When you live far away from home, sometimes your friends are around and you didn't know! (Just for fun project).

fintech components

Fintech components

This is what I've been designing so far working in a Worldwide Financial company.

fintech components

Marketing automation

We worked with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.